Choosing Your USB Options

First, choose which style of USB stick you would like (click image to enlarge)...

Smooth Touch White
Smooth Touch Black
Leather Chrome White
Leather Chrome Black
Wooden USB
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Would you like a pattern on your USB stick? Please note that this is not available for wooden USB sticks.

USB Pattern 1
USB Pattern 2
USB Pattern 3
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Wording, what would you like written on your USB? There are 26 characters available per line including spaces. Please then choose a font from the options below.

Secondly, your USB box is available in a wide range of colours and materials. Please choose a material and colour from the options below (click image to enlarge).


Leather Violet
Leather Tan
Leather Ivory
Leather Dark Green
Leather Latte
Leather Mocca
Leather Pillar Box Red
Leather Sage
Leather Slate
Leather Taupe
Leather Duck Egg
Leather Dark Brown
Leather Dark Blue
Leather Cobalt
Leather Aqua
Leather Air Force Blue
Leather Black
Leather Burgundy
Leather Apple Green
Leather Antique White
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Linen White
Linen Lavender
Linen Navy Blue
Linen Plum
Linen Racing Green
Linen Scarlet
Linen Tangerine
Linen Sunshine Yellow
Linen Violet
Linen Natural
Linen Gunmetal
Linen Ivory
Linen Grey
Linen Coffee Bean
Linen Alpine Green
Linen Cocoa
Linen Baby Blue
Linen Bubblegum
Linen Baby Pink
Linen Cobalt
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Leatherette White
Leatherette Turquoise
Leatherette Tangerine
Leatherette Tan
Leatherette Slate
Leatherette Merlot
Leatherette Mocha
Leatherette Pillar Box Red
Leatherette Navy Blue
Leatherette Raspberry
Leatherette Royal Blue
Leatherette Sage
Leatherette Sky Blue
Leatherette Lilac
Leatherette Duck Egg
Leatherette Chocolate
Leatherette Chestnut
Leatherette Charcoal
Leatherette Burgundy
Leatherette Bronze
Leatherette Black
Leatherette Antique White
Leatherette Baby Pink
Leatherette Baby Blue
Leatherette Aubergine
Leatherette Apline
Leatherette Apple Green
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Shimmer Black
Shimmer Venetian Blue
Shimmer Auburn
Shimmer Silver
Shimmer Grey
Shimmer Rose Gold
Shimmer Pearl
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Smooth Touch Black
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Wooden USB Box With Wording
Wooden USB Box with Photo
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Would you like a pattern on your box? Please note that this is not available for wooden boxes.

USB Box Pattern 1
USB Box Pattern 2
USB Box Pattern 3
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Lastly, what would you like written on your USB Box? There are 28 characters available per line including spaces. Please choose a font from below.


If you have chosen the wooden box with a photo, which photo would you like to use? Please note that it must be landscape orientation. This does not have to be a wedding photo, maybe one that covers the theme of your wedding but I must have the copyright to be able to use it.

Please e-mail or call me with your chosen options.

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